The world's first smart ring for Muslims

It is designed to help Muslims with their daily prayers and worship. It features a tasbih counter, prayer time reminders, and a Qibla compass. It connects to a smartphone app for additional features.

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What's good about
 SunnahWatch rings?

Prayer Reminders

Stay on top of your prayers with gentle vibration reminders on the ring when it's prayer time.

Qibla Compass

Never be lost for direction. The Smart Ring features a built-in Qibla compass that guides you towards the Qibla.

Tasbih Counter

Never lose track of your zikr with the built-in tasbih counter. Set goals and track your progress through the app.

Water Resistant

Wear your faith with confidence. 90% of our products are waterproof, allowing you to keep it on during daily activities.

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